Meet the Collective!

Glut currently has 12 Collective Members. Here is a little blurb about each of us, so when you come into Glut, you know who we are, and who manages which section.

Chris, a familiar face to long time shoppers, manages the Bulk Foods section. This includes all the dried fruits and nuts that are bagged by our volunteers, as well as all the nuts, mixes, grains, rice and mixes found in the bulk bins and gravity bins around the store. We provide bags and marking pens all around the store, so please remember to write the price per pound on your bag to make checking out faster!

Judy, another familiar face! Judy’s been managing our Health and Beauty section for years. She orders everything from Essential Oils, Shea butter and Zuresh body cleansers to shampoo and Eco-friendly household cleaners. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask a staff member and it’s probably in the basement!

Nikki: If you’ve been around Glut for a while, you’ll probably recognize Nikki! She orders a wide variety of snacks, cookies, crackers, pasta (including bulk pasta), chocolate, cereal, and packaged grains and mixes. Her section has a large number of flavors and options that our customers like, which we rotate depending on what we can get at a good price.

Ziah manages our extensive Supplements section. We have a wide verity of quality products by the names you trust: Now, Wild Harvest, and more! Most supplements are stored behind the main cash register, so ask a staff member for assistance. Please remember, our staff members are not doctors or professional herbalists, and we don’t give medical advice. We can share tidbits from our own experiences, but we keep a variety of books available for you to look up the details you need.

Kim manages our wide selection of tea (in bags), coffee, candles, incense, and our single-serving refrigerated juices and waters, as well as a few other odds and ends around the store!

Raquel is our Produce Manager. She is in charge of ordering all fresh produce and tries to maintain a healthy selection of fresh local options, which change depending on the season.

Dino has the tough job of keeping our wide variety of cheeses cut, packaged and stocked. In order to get our low prices, we order most of our cheese in very large quantities, so we occasionally will run out of one or two varieties before it’s time to reorder. We appreciate your patience! Whatever you’re looking for, we haven’t forgotten; it will be back in stock soon!

Kofi maintains our Bulk Herbs and Spices. We have a wide variety of high-quality medicinal herbs, herbal teas, and cooking spices at the lowest prices around. Most herbs and spices are sold by the pound, so if numbers like “$42.62 per pound” look daunting, remember how lightweight these dried herbs are. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by the low price. As one customer recently proclaimed, “I can’t believe I refilled my entire spice cabinet for less than $10!” As with all other bulk items, please remember to write the price per pound for each of your herbs and spices on the bag.

Izzi is our Refrigerated manager. This includes all dairy (except cheese), “fake meats,” eggs, tofu and more. Check out the great prices on our bulk tofu and seitan (a meat substitute made from wheat gluten).

Mike orders a variety of Kombucha drinks, some, like Hex Ferments of Baltimore, are locally sourced.

Ian orders the different types of corn-based tortilla chips, popcorn, sea veggies and the diverse nut butters that Glut offers.

FiiFi orders the various aseptic non dairy milks, such as, Flax, Hemp, Coconut, Almond, Rice, Soy and even Quinoa milk. He also orders shelf stable juices, including blends, straight juices, and concentrates.

Our Support Workers include:

Tee helps with keeping the produce looking fresh and fantastic.

Jahnin, our assistant Cheese cutter grew up around Glut. She helps Dino keep our wide variety of bulk cheeses in stock.

Marian helps with just about everything, is all around wonderful, and especially great with getting things organized. Marian is hearing impaired, but doesn’t let it slow her down. We’re delighted to have her on board and love the way she opens customers’ eyes to community members they may not otherwise meet in a retail workspace.

Carolyn is another all-round Support Worker who assists with stocking and keeps the line moving at the cash register.


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