Friends of Glut

Cooperative Run Vendors

We sell products from several cooperatively run companies. These organizations, like Glut are owner-operated:

Many of the spices in our bulk spice room come from Frontier Spices.

Our bulk tofu and several other organic soy products come from a profit sharing intentional community in nearby VirginiaTwin Oaks Community.

Much of our seasonal produce comes from a collection of growers along the Maryland Pennsylvania border who work together as theTuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative.

We keep several varieties of nut butters, and sell in bulk right out of the bin peanut butter from the intentional community East Wind.

Local Vendors

Glut strives to sell products produced locally, please let us know if there is a local product you would like to see us carry. Here are some local vendors whose products we currently carry:

Both local and cooperatively run, Maryland Food Collective provides us with vegan and gluten free baked goods made on the University of Maryland Campus.

One customer favorite is Loch Lamond’s homemade Samosa’s that come only a few miles from where they were made. The day they come in you will see them on the front counter, nice and hot!

A best selling product in our Health and Beauty section, Zuresh is a family owned business from Bladensburg, Maryland selling a wide variety of hair and skin products.

Mt. Rainier Links

Located in the same building in Mount Rainier, Maryland since our beginning, Glut has established strong ties in the community. Here are some places you may be interested in learning more about in Mount Rainier.
Anacostia Dollars
City of Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier Bike Coop
Island Style Ice Cream
Joe’s Movement
PG Pool
Red Dirt Studio

Co-op’s and Vegetarian Links

As a cooperative run, vegetarian business Glut tries to maintain relationships with vegetarian and cooperative umbrella organizations. Below are some of our favorites.
National Co-op Directory
Veg DC
The Vegetarian Resource Group
Vegetarian Society of DC

Dishes for Life – interactive map of coops and farmers markets nationwise.

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