Bulk Nuts, Grains, Flours, Rice, etc

We have the widest, cheapest selection of bulk goods around. With bulk items, you can buy as much or as little as you want of a dozen varieties of rice, organic and conventional dried beans, nuts, and fruits, as well as many types of flours and sugars. We also have Bulk Pasta, Peanut and Almond Butters (pre-ground and grind your own), Extra-Firm (locally made!) Tofu, and Fair Trade Coffee Beans! Whether your looking for flax seeds, nutritional yeast, rolled oats, or couscous, we probably have it in bulk!

We also have bulk liquids, such as Grade B Maple Syrup, four types of cooking oils, and three flavors of bulk Honey! In this section you’ll also find Bulk Tahini, Tamari, Shoyu, and black strap malasses. You can bring your own container (please have it weighed in the back before filling it), or use our BPA free containers.

We ask customers to please remember to write the price per pound on all bulk items to make check out quick and easy!

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